Below is the information required on how to become a member of our shooting range, and all the benefits & entitlements that it gives you.
The cost to join as a Full Member for 12 months is $450.00. This entitles you to 50% off gun hire fees whilst you undertake your twenty six week probation period with the club.
You will be required to join the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA WA) as we are affiliated to the association. An annual fee of $93 per year (subject to change). You will need to be a member of the association for six months for their firearm support.
You are required to obtain a National Police Clearance (available through Australia Post) for club records. If you have been charged with a violent offence or subject to a Violence Restraining Order (VRO), please speak to our staff in the first instance to see if it’s viable for you to join.
Range shooting fees for full members are 50% off the non-member rate. You will undertake a twenty six (26) week probationary period during which time you are required to complete a minimum of fifteen (15) separate attendance shoots.
When you are close to the end of your probation period, you can purchase your own handgun from our dealership Belmont Guns and Ammo.
Once you have served your probationary period and completed your minimum number of shoots you can make an application to license the firearm(s) through the Club. You will be required to complete a Form One club firearm support document (after you purchase your handgun). The Club’s management will assess the application on the basis of its merit and upon a successful assessment, which will then be sent to the SSAA (WA) for their approval. A Form Two association support letter along with a Form One club support form will be mailed back to you in due course from SSAA.
If you are a first time firearm owner, you will be required to sit a Firearms Awareness Test. An applicable fee is paid and can be sat at the club. Below is a link to the firearms safety booklet from which the test is based. You must be 100% correct to pass the test. You are given three opportunities to pass or wait twelve months before you can re-sit the test.
Once you receive the above documents you can complete a Firearms application from the WApol website. (nb: do not sign the application, this is done at Australia Post)
You will be required to supply a firearm serviceability certificate (provided by the gunshop) number as part of the application, along with the Firearm Dealers number. You will be require submit the following documents with you completed application.
Once you have all these documents you attend an approved Australia Post office to lodge the application. You will need to provide 100 points of proof of identity. Driver’s License, Passport, Medicare card, a bill with your name and address. See Australia Post website for details.
The application process will undergo a twenty eight (28) day “cooling-off period” if you are a first-time license applicant. You will be contacted by the firearms branch by mail or e-mail for your approval. You will then need to provide “safe-storage” facilities in order for you to license your firearm. This usually involves purchasing and installing a gun safe that meets WA Police Firearms Branch requirements and providing further information to Police Licensing Services.
Once all these criteria have been satisfied and your application has been approved, you will be issued a Firearms License with your firearm listed. This is presented at the dealer holding your firearm, together with sufficient photo identification, and your firearm will be released to you. In order to maintain your firearms license support you need to remain a financial member of Lone Ranges Shooting Complex and Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA). You also need to satisfy a “minimum activity requirement” of one registered match shoot every eight (8) weeks six (6) times a year.