Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about the range.
Once you have completed your probation period and fifteen shoots. Speak to the staff at our pro-shop “Belmont Guns and Ammo” to assist your with your purchase. Guns bought from another dealer and transferred to “Lone Ranges” will incur a notation fee of $55 plus a storage fee of $20 per month.
Transperth bus route 935.
Take Transperth bus number 935 to bus stop 14316 (Alexander Rd before Hutchison St). Robinson Avenue is the first street past the traffic lights on Alexander Road. Turn left into Robinson Avenue and we are fifty (50) metres along on the right hand side.
1) Once your firearm is licensed.
2) You to have provided a satisfactory current police clearance. (apply Australia Post)
3) You have been a full member for a period of not less than 6 months with the club and the association.
4) You have recorded a minimum of 15 shoots with the club in that time.
5) Your fees are all paid up and current.
Once you are licensed to your own firearm, you can arrange to be SSAA holster qualified. The course is over four weeks. The is cost is $150 and is arranged through reception.
Once you are proficient and have completed the course and test successfully you will be issued with a holster qualification card. The card allows you to conduct action match at our range with your own firearm.
If your are a current member of an affiliated club you can come down and use our action match bay for additional practice before those big competitions. Bookings essential.

Provided you have been a member of the club and SSAA for 6 months, you can begin the process at the “earliest application date ” listed on the bottom of this shoot record sheet. The first step is to purchase your handgun you would like to license. It can either be rimfire or centrefire. You then sit the Firearm Awareness test.

You will need to book this test with a staff member.

A study booklet can be down loaded from WA police website. Safety Booklet

It consists of twenty (20) multiple choice questions and will cost $25 per attempt. If you pass you will be issued with an “Awareness certificate” valid for a period of 12 months. If you fail you can have 2 more attempts but not on the same day. If after the 3rd attempt you still have not passed we are required by law to notify firearms branch and you may not sit the test again for a period of 12 months.

Fill out a SSAA Form 1 cost $20. It will be then signed by the club and sent to SSAA who will return a (SSAA) Form 2 and a (club) Form 1 will be returned to your mail box.

Organise to have a serviceability certificate for your firearm. Cost is $55 for each gun not purchased at Belmont Guns & Ammo this is a free service for firearms purchased in house. This certificate is valid for a period of 3 months only.

Type a letter explaining to firearms branch your reason for wanting a handgun/rifle.

Organise and install an appropriate firearms safe into your home.

Go to the police website download, fill out and print off the firearm application form. Take all paperwork to the Post Office, pay the application fee and hand in your paperwork. (Make sure you keep copies of all papers).

Once you have received your new firearm licence you can to the club and provided all monies owing has been paid we will give you your gun.

You will need to complete six (6) registered match shoots per calendar year or eight (8) if you compete in two (2) or more disciplines.

Please note it is a requirement by law you must carry your paper licence and firearm extract card on you at all times when you are conveying your firearm or intending to purchase ammunition.

*NB, Fees and charges listed on this website are subject to change at any time.

Please check with reception for changes.

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